words and or any other media solutions

From tweet to tome, social media content to books, logos to presentations, jingles to soundtracks;
I research, create and deliver what you require, when you need it.

More than just freelance writing

I [Darren] trade under waoao media solutions. I am well aware that one person can't do everything. Using my commissioning and project management skills I will work in collaboration with others, if required, to provide a solution for you.

Website Building

I am experienced in providing web solutions for people to promote their business, club or organisation. I have been creating websites since the last millennium! (Think about it.) My experience includes creating and maintaining websites including content managed systems. Training in using your website, maintaining it and engaging with other digital platforms can also be provided. But don't just listen to my words...

"One of the exciting things about my new business is the great feedback I've been getting about my website. waoao has provided me with a professional, easy-to-navigate site which my clients really rate. And without any of the stress I would have gone through if I'd tried to do it all myself."
(Alex: Creative Daydream)

Project Management

I am an experienced project manager, working on multiple projects at one time, using external suppliers and contributors. My experience covers both ongoing and one-off projects, primarily, but not exclusively, in the publishing / media world. We can take your content, through the editing and layout process, to print or web or eBook. We will lease with all 3rd parties, making sure your project is ready when you need it.

I have self-published my own print and eBook...

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Rate Card

These fees are based upon the Freelance Fees Guide found here, with adjustments for experience etc. I am open to rate negotiation for bulk commissions, but please remember I need to eat.

Writing (magazine articles): £120 per 1000 words. Print / web design, page make-up: £20/hour. An agreed initial budget will be agreed Copy-Editing and proofreading, general and academic: £20/hour (a house-style is expected with the commission)

Creativity and Publishing Workshops or day residences: by negotiation. As an approximate guide this is usually £200 the day plus travel expenses.

Theme music, soundtracks and jingles: by negotiation. £30/hour is the guide, but an agreed initial budget will be set. Payment is 50/50 at commission and delivery of master files.

If you would like to discuss any commissions, please use the contact page

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